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Drabbles - 2 U-Kiss and 1 Teen Top

Three more lapslock drabbles, again from tumblr. Kiseop/Kevin, Eli/Kevin and Niel/C.A.P.

{while you were sleeping, i figured out everything} | kevin/kiseop

the first thing kiseop says as he enters kevin’s room is, “i told you so.”

kevin gives him a withering stare in return and kiseop simply beams at him, coming to sit on the edge of his bed. kiseop wants to ask how he’s feeling, but the flushed face, the shivering even under a pile of blankets and the bloodshot eyes of the other boy let him know that the answer is terrible. kiseop had warned him about going out onto their dorm balcony with wet hair, about playing in the snow and letting himself get soaked, but kevin had ignored him of course. now he was stuck in bed, sick and miserable.

kiseop pulls out a thermos from a bag at his feet, kevin wondering how he never noticed him bringing it in, and presents it to kevin. “here, i, um… i made this for you.”

kevin’s eyes narrow at kiseop’s nervousness, the boy never having been uncomfortable with him before. “what’s wrong with it?”

kiseop’s eyes widen and he hastily tries to explain, “nothing! nothing is wrong! i just— i called your mom and asked her what to make and she said chicken soup but i didn’t have any noodles so i used rice and then when i cooked it the rice went to the bottom and stayed there and then—”

kevin silences the boy by placing a hand over his mouth, smiling gently and saying, “i’m sure it’s fine. thank you for trying.”

kiseop helps kevin sit up and open the thermos, watches the boy struggle to feed himself with shaky hands. eventually he takes the spoon out of kevin’s hands and feeds him himself, running a hand through kevin’s hair in between mouthfuls. by the time kevin is done, he’s ready to sleep again and kiseop tucks him in gently, placing a kiss on his warm forehead and smiling down at him. kevin sleeps soundly for the first time since he fell ill.

{but we know that's not how our song goes} | eli/kevin

when kevin gets off the phone he looks nothing short of devastated and eli touches his arm gently, asking him silently what happened. kevin slowly slides his phone back into his pocket and turns toward eli, trying but failing to keep his expression blank.

“my parents…,” kevin starts shakily. “they’re going home for christmas.”

eli watches him carefully for a moment, but when that seems like all kevin is going to say, he asks, “and you aren’t?”

“no of course not, we’re busy here,” kevin snaps. eli doesn’t react, letting kevin finish his explanation. “instead of me going back to korea for a few days, they just decided to go home.”

the look in eli’s eyes turns from curiosity to pity and when kevin notices, his own eyes harden. eli reaches out to give him a hug but kevin brushes him off, quickly walking away to talk to hoon. eli watches after him, already making plans in his head.

come christmas eve, the dorm is almost empty save for eli and kevin. they had managed to convince the managers to go back home too, promising them that they wouldn’t leave the house or do anything to ruin their image. kevin was lying on the couch, still in his pyjamas despite it being almost noon, when eli comes fully-dressed out of a bedroom, rolling a small suitcase behind him. kevin glances at him and quickly looks away, muttering, “you’re leaving too?”

eli simply smiles and says, “we’re leaving.”

kevin’s head snaps back to eli and they stare silently at each other for a moment. “what the fuck are you talking about?”

eli’s smile turns into a smirk and he throws some papers at kevin, saying, “get off your ass and get dressed, check in at the hotel is at one.”

kevin shuffles through the papers, seeing pictures of a beautiful and elaborate hotel and it’s various amenities. the location is still in japan, not too far from where they are now, but the photos make it look like it’s in a beautiful foreign country. kevin glances at eli, back to the papers, back to eli and then back to the papers once again.

“i… what….” he begins. “why?”

“why not?” eli responds simply, rolling the suitcase to sit in front of him. “i already packed our stuff, just go get dressed please.”

kevin wants to resist, to tell eli he’s being an idiot, but something in him tells him to go along with it and so he does.

when they get to the hotel, the first thing eli does is order room service in terribly broken japanese. kevin is certain he’s ordered them some awful food but is too busy being fascinated by the décor of their room. he runs his hands along the dresser and table, picks up vases and eyes everything else with awe.

when eli gets off the phone, he’s smirking once again, pleased that kevin enjoys the room. the younger boy’s hands brush against the soft blankets of the bed before something clicks and he looks back at eli.

“one bed?” he asks.

eli turns a little red, hardly noticeable except for the tips of his ears, and smiles shyly saying, “yeah, i mean… it was cheaper?”

kevin smiles knowingly and practically bounces on his feet as he goes to check out the bathroom.

the two boys eat their dinner—a surprisingly delicious meal of various japanese dishes, complete with dessert—sitting on the floor in front of the tv, backs to the bed. they don’t say anything, simply watching a japanese dubbed christmas movie they both remember watching back home when they were younger. they retire early, both still needing to catch up on sleep they’ve missed during their schedules. while eli showers, kevin goes through the suitcase looking for pyjamas, but only finds eli’s. kevin decides to wear one of eli’s shirts and crawls into the bed. he is almost asleep when eli slides in next to him, hair still a little damp and not wearing a shirt.

eli touches kevin’s hair and whispers, “are you asleep?”

“not anymore,” kevin replies, opening his eyes and smiling at eli. eli smiles back and pulls kevin into his arms, wrapping around him tightly until he was satisfied.

kevin finds himself kind of squished into eli’s neck but doesn’t bother to complain, instead muttering, “merry christmas” and closing his eyes.

eli runs his fingers through kevin’s hair and replies with his own “merry christmas”, turning out the bedside lamp and settling down to sleep as well.

when they wake up the next morning, they both have multiple missed calls and text messages but neither of them care too much.

{twisted fools don't need good luck} | c.a.p/niel

the location was anything but romantic, in fact it was just the table in their dorm where they ate every day. but minsoo had done his very best to make it look nice—all of their junk was stored in the living room, the table had been set with the one candle he could find and the meal he prepared himself, and, most importantly, the other members were tucked away inside their rooms, no doubt listening with their ears pressed against the doors.

niel had taken one look at the set-up and started giggling. “you’re really serious about this, huh?”

minsoo frowned. of course he was serious. he was dead serious during the weeks he spent gathering his courage, he was serious when he pulled niel aside to confess and he was the most serious of all in setting up their impromptu first date. “of course i am,” he simply replies.

niel smiles at that, understanding how much this meant to minsoo. he appreciated it, he really did, but he knew he didn’t need a fancy­—or as fancy as it could get—dinner just to make him like minsoo. he already did, he already had, for months now.

yet niel went along with his hyung anyways, humoring their leader by allowing him to lead him by hand to the table, to pull out his chair for him. then when niel sat, minsoo took the place across from him and proceeded to say, “you look very nice tonight.”

niel had to bite his tongue not to laugh out loud. he was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt since practice was their only schedule for that day. although he was amused at minsoo’s cheesy attempts to woo him, he still blushed at the stare minsoo gave him as he eyed the exposed skin that showed where his shirt slipped down.

the two boys ate their ramen and made small talk, acting as if they hardly knew each other at all. when they were done, minsoo took the plates into the kitchen and came out to take niel by the hand and lead him to his bedroom door. they stopped in front of the room that niel shared with changjo, giggling emanating from behind the closed door. niel blushed bright red as minsoo proceeded to tell him he had a great time, hold his hand and then kiss him good night. minsoo simply exited through the door to his own shared room right behind him, and niel couldn’t get the smile off his face as his door finally burst open and all the other members teased him and begged for details. niel couldn’t deny that it wasn’t a bad first date after all.

Tags: drabbles, fandom: teen top, fandom: u-kiss, pairing: c.a.p/niel, pairing: eli/kevin, pairing: kiseop/kevin
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