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AJ/Hoon - Exploding Weapons Wired

Title: Exploding Weapons Wired
Pairing: AJ/Hoon, sorta Eli/Kevin, sorta Soohyun/Hoon
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hoon responds to the (kinda suspicious) want ad, but this wasn't exactly the office job he was expecting.
A/N: This is AU, btw. The AJ/Hoon pairing isn't really the focus, just something that happens kinda sorta idk. I kinda love this 'verse I've created so I might write more of it.

The first thing Hoon notices when he steps inside the, admittedly rather shady, building is that someone is in pain. He can hear, although the sound is distant, someone groaning and crying out in pain as if they were being tortured.

He knew this was a bad idea.

His friends had pushed him to respond to the ad posted on the telephone pole outside his apartment that called for a boy, aged 18 - 25, who looked innocent and cute and was looking for a job. The ad didn't mention what the job actually was, only a small logo with the letters UK in the corner. Hoon was certain this was some set up to murder someone, but none of his friends would listen. It didn't help that he had lost his job last week and had been desperately looking for a new one ever since.

So he called the number on the ad and was given directions to a building, the man on the phone telling him that they'll interview him and decide whether to hire him or not on the spot. Hoon prepared as best he could for this day, despite still being half-certain that he was going to be killed, coming with his resume and some letters of recommendation from his college professors; as well as being dressed in his best work clothes.

But the disconcerting sounds coming from a far-off room had him nervous and he was ready to turn back around and go straight home, when suddenly a man comes running towards him yelling, "Wait, wait! I'm sorry I'm late! You're Hoonmin, right?"

"Just Hoon," he immediately replies, eyeing up the disheveled man before him. Well, he didn't really look like a murderer. Hoon could take him in a fight.

"Ah, yes, Hoon. I'm Kiseop, nice to meet you." Hoon shook his hand, defenses lowering for now. "Boss wants to meet you right away, he's been desperate for a new employee ever since we lost a few last month."

Hoon gets nervous again at that—he was meeting the boss? Why didn't this Kiseop guy just interview him instead? Hoon allows himself to be dragged further into the building until they're standing outside an office door. There's no name plate on the door, but Hoon is shaking too much to even notice that detail.

"Look, kid—" Kiseop begins but cuts himself off. "Wait, how old are you?"

"Twenty one."

"Same as me!" Kiseop replies excitedly, grinning at Hoon for the first time. He realizes all of a sudden that the boy in front of him is very handsome, flushing a little at the fact that he's still holding Hoon's hand from when he led him to the office.

"Alright, boss is kind of… weird. Not in a bad way!" He insists at Hoon's look of terror. "He's just different! I guess you have to be to run this company… anyways, just be honest and you'll do fine."

Hoon just nods at him and Kiseop forcefully turns him around and knocks on the door. Hoon's heart starts pounding as he can hear a voice say "come in!" from behind the door and he enters, albeit on shaky legs.

The last thing he hears before he steps into the office is Kiseop muttering, "Damn, hyung is sure going to love this guy…"

In his office, Soohyun stands up as a boy shuffles into the room, immediately falling into a ninety degree bow the second he meets eyes with Soohyun. When the boy straightens up, Soohyun looks at him for a moment, noticing the slightly messy brown hair, the undeniable stretch of his shirt around his arm muscles, the boy's trembling hands.

Soohyun is in love.

He gestures for the boy to sit, sitting down in his own chair himself. Smiling at the clearly nervous boy, he says, "I'm Soohyun."

Hoon smiles a little in response, bowing once again, "I'm Hoon." he pauses. "I— I have my resume for you and some letters. I wasn't told what to bring so I wanted to be safe…"

Soohyun, still smiling kindly, holds out his hand. "Let me see them."

He glances over the papers, reading the boy's credentials and job history. There's something else he notices too. "You're still in university?"

Hoon seems to blush at that. "Yeah, I… I'm a senior but my program takes longer than just four years anyways…"

"So why aren't you on your campus then, partying and meeting girls?" Soohyun asks, even though he can tell from Hoon's appearance that he's the type to stay in his room studying rather than partying anyways.

"I have to work to pay for school," Hoon replies, tone slightly confused as if the answer was obvious.

"Ah, right, of course." Soohyun responds, glancing over the resume again as if he was still wary about Hoon. He had already decided to hire him the second he came in, his secretary Kiseop probably already knew that too, but he was having fun playing with the nervous boy. "How about we take a tour of the facility?"

"O—okay." Hoon replies, seemingly cursing himself for still stuttering. Soohyun finds it absolutely adorable.

Soohyun takes him through the office area, showing him boring things like copy machines and financial reports. That seems to do the trick, and Hoon finally relaxes enough to talk to Soohyun more casually.

By the time they're heading towards the main rooms, where the real work happens, the two are bombarded by two of his employees.

"Hyung, hyung, look! We wrote a script for you!" The thinner one says, smiling innocently and sweetly at Soohyun. He can see, out of the corner of his eye, Hoon's face scrunching up in confusion at the word "script". Soohyun sighs at the boy's excitement, having to deal with his proposals at least once a week.

"Alright Kevin, let me see." Soohyun takes the script and the other boy, Kevin, clings to the guy next to him with excitement. Soohyun flips through the pages, frowning a little at what he reads.

"Hyung, c'mon, what is it now? We fixed everything you said!" The other, much more muscular, man exclaims.

"It's just…" Soohyun begins, glancing at Hoon's confused face once again. "It's too romantic. I know you're dating and all but we don't need a hour of you guys cooing at each other, just do that on your own time."

"Hyung," the second man whines, but Soohyun cuts him off.

"No, Eli. I'm sorry but you know how it is, write something better suited for what we do and we'll talk." Soohyun says a bit more forcefully, taking Hoon by the hand and dragging him on to the next hallway where the main rooms are.

Hoon is silent for a moment before he says, "They're dating?"

Soohyun chuckles at that, the boy sounded almost scandalized at the thought of inter-office dating. "Yeah, they have been for awhile."

"And you don't care?" Hoon asks warily.

"I guess that's something that doesn't bother you in this industry," Soohyun says inconspicuously and Hoon is left again wondering what exactly it is that they do here.

They walk for a few minutes, passing some doors before Soohyun stops at one and leads Hoon into the small, empty room, telling him to wait a moment as he has to go get something. When Soohyun leaves, Hoon glances around and notices the large mirrors and makeup and decides this must be some sort of TV studio. That would explain the script, and the gay employees, and the weirdly specific job listing. They weren't looking for an office worker, they wanted an actor. Or an extra, at least.

Hoon's nervousness starts all over again at that, realizing he has no experience and he's not qualified at all for this position. The tour was probably all just because Soohyun was too nice to tell him right away that they don't want him. God, he's wasting his time—

Suddenly a door he hadn't noticed before opens and a tall, thin man walks in, dressed only in a robe. Hoon blushes and turns away, not even noticing the smirk on the other man's face.

"Are you new here?" The guy asks and Hoon finally turns to look at him, trying his best to avoid looking anywhere but his face.

"I— I answered the ad… Soohyun was just here but he told me to wait… If you need to get dressed for your next scene I can leave, I'm sorry for intruding." Hoon stumbles over his words and eventually settles his eyes back on the floor again.

The man looks him up and down for a moment, slightly confused at the boy's words. "Get dressed for my next scene?"

Hoon's eyes shoot up to his, "Aren't you an actor? Y'know, because of the makeup and the scripts?"

The man's eyes widen in realization at what Hoon assumed, before smirking once again. "Oh, you must really be new, then, aren't you—wait, what's your name?"

"Hoonmin. Hoon."

"I'm Jaeseop," he replies, Hoon still looking skittish at best in front of him. Deciding to have a little fun with the boss' new pick, he starts closing in on Hoon. Hoon does his best to keep backing up but he inevitably hits a wall, and his previous worry about being murdered comes back with even more force.

"Relax," Jaeseop says, voice much lower and quieter now that they were in close proximity. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Hoon shudders as Jaeseop runs a hand along his jaw, muttering, "You're a pretty thing, aren't you?"

Hoon can't deny that the man before him is attractive, and clearly not wearing much clothing—if any at all—but he wasn't really expecting to be groped by a mysterious maybe-actor when he came for the interview this morning.

Jaeseop is already leaving little kisses on his neck, one hand on the wall beside Hoon's head and the other gripping the boy's hip tight enough to leave bruises. Hoon's resolve is already weakening by the moment, Jaeseop taking the opportunity to whisper in his ear, "I'm an actor, but not in the way you think."

Hoon's heart is pounding, blood rushing and he has the vague thought that Soohyun has been gone for an awful long time. He doesn't get to ponder it long before Jaeseop's mouth meets his and his mind goes blank, all he is aware of is the hand that's creeping up his shirt and how well the other boy can kiss.

There's a moment where Jaeseop ruts against him and does something with his tongue that has Hoon thinking, Wow, he's good enough to be a—

The realization hits him like a truck.



Hoon suddenly realizes he has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

Soohyun comes back to see one of his employees cornering the new recruit in a dressing room. Which was to be expected, really.

"Oh," he says, but the two men don't notice him at all. "I guess you know now."

Nothing but wet noises and groans answers him.

A/N2: So basically Soohyun runs a porn production company. Yep. 

Tags: fandom: u-kiss, pairing: aj/hoon, pairing: eli/kevin, pairing: soohyun/hoon
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