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Drabbles - 3 U-Kiss

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{if your heart wears thin} | aj/hoon

it's about three hours into their flight, and halfway through the movie he was watching on eli's ipad, that aj feels a strange weight drop itself onto his shoulder. upon looking over, he sees hoon sleeping peacefully against him, nose slightly red from all the sneezing he had been doing. the boy had been trying to pull through his cold, drinking lots of tea to combat his sore throat; but as the throat pains went away, the sneezing and coughing replaced them. aj could relate, he's been a sneezing mess every since allergy season started.

it was nice to see the boy finally resting, as the group had been so busy lately. even when they had time to nap, backstage or in the van, hoon was always restless, shifting and making noises as he slept. now, however, the boy was getting some much-needed sleep and aj swelled up a little in pride at the knowledge that hoon was sleeping on his shoulder, and not on dongho who was on the other side of hoon.

aj could feel hoon's hair touching his jawline and the boy's breath was puffing out against his neck with a regular rhythm. his hair looked soft and fluffy, messed up from having had a hat on earlier, and aj was struck with the desire to touch it. he awkwardly reached his right arm across his body to just barely reach hoon's head and aj wasn't surprised that his hair was just as soft as he expected it to be.

aj spends another few minutes watching him, ignoring the movie that was still playing through his headphones. he examines hoon's face, going over all the details. the boy was exceptionally good-looking; a handsome set of features combined with the round cheeks that give him an innocent and cherubic image.

oftentimes aj finds himself wondering if hoon is really as innocent as he seems, but he always cuts the thought off before it gets too far. he knows better than to try to find out, to taint the boy's sweetness with his own harsh edges. he's naive, almost completely untouched from the bitter reality of the music industry. even if it's unlikely hoon is as childlike as he appears, aj doesn't even want to entertain the idea that the boy lying on him could be anything but sweet and gentle. he's a breath of fresh air,  a small reminder that beauty can be found in surprising places.

aj is content to just watch that beauty unfold—whether across a stage or here, lying gently on his shoulder. he doesn't need to say anything, he wouldn't dream of it, and if he clings to the boy a little longer than usual, nobody says a thing.

hoon sleeps the best he has in days, dreaming of gold and silver, of piano notes and of the soft touch of fur under his fingers.

{some sad singers, they just play tragic} | aj/kevin

"i fucking hate you" the boy says, fighting at the tight grip the other boy has on his wrists. adrenaline is rushing and everything is red around the edges but he can see the other's smirking face, blood running cold when his jaw is gently kissed, a semblance of nicety enraging him further. "why did you stay around so long when no one wants you here?"

the other one flinches almost imperceptivity at that, and the boy knows he's hit a nerve. his head is shoved back into the wall behind him, the resounding crack telling him he should feel more pain than he does, but he's too concerned with the fact that he's already won.

the other knows it too, not bothering to talk anymore and instead aggressively wrapping a hand around him, leaving bites on his skin that are far less forceful than they had been before.

he gets off easily enough and he doesn't have to look at the other to know he got off too, without being touched at all.

jaeseop is really weaker than he seems. he plays tough, like he's this untouchable god who is holier-than-thou. he knows he's a better rapper than eli, a better composer than kiseop, more intelligent than any of them. but there's a weakness there, lurking so close to the surface you only have to cut once and it's all poured out for you to see.

kevin sees it, wants to taste it.

he'll do anything he can to destroy him.

{i'm crossing every median} | eli/kevin

On November 11th, Eli wakes up just like he always does, stumbling into his shower half-asleep. He gets dressed and quickly heads to his kitchen to make himself something to eat. He is halfway through making some eggs when he sees something out of the corner of his eye. There, sitting innocently on his counter, is a box of pepero. Eli glances suspiciously around his apartment, immediately paranoid that someone broke in. He inspects every inch of his apartment, finds no one, burns his eggs and the van arrived before he could make something else.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a good morning for Eli.

First, the boys arrive at the company, dropping their bags off in the practice room before heading to a short meeting. Eli is bored out of his skull and only understands about half of what is being said, so his mind wanders elsewhere. He didn’t remember buying any pepero, so someone must have put it in his house. The other members all have a key to his place, but rarely do they just barge in without knocking. How would they have gotten to his place, then back home to be picked up, so quickly?

Eli zones out for the entire meeting and is only aware of the world around him when  Soohyun smacks him on the head, telling him to wake up and come to the practice room already.

They walk in a small group to the room, Kevin sidling up to Eli and linking their hands. Eli glances at him and momentarily forgets his current dilemma in favor of wrapping Kevin in a hug, leaning against the wall and pulling the boy to his chest. Kevin giggles and the couple share a kiss, ignoring the other members yelling and cat-calling and making throwing up noises. They eventually separate and head to the dance studio to practice. Eli goes to his bag for a moment to put his cellphone away, and inside he finds another box of pepero.

Now Eli is worried.

He spends the rest of the day on edge, finding more boxes, or sometimes individual packets, of pepero in various places. Nobody else seems to be receiving them, or noticing that he is, and Eli is almost certain now that he has a stalker. A stalker with the ability to get into every building that he is in.

When it comes time to take everyone home, Kevin sits next to Eli in the van and smiles sweetly at him. Eli ignores him, growing more and more paranoid of having to go back to his apartment. Kevin frowns and asks Eli, “Are you okay?”

Eli simply nods, not wanting to draw attention to himself. If he’s going  to die, the least he could do is spare the others.

“Did you,” Kevin starts, trying to keep an innocent tone. “Did you receive any gifts today?”

Eli’s head snaps to Kevin, blurting out, “How did you know?!”

Kevin is surprised by the dramatic reaction and explains, speaking slowly in his confusion, “I… put them there? It’s Pepero Day… You know, November 11th?”

Eli is silent for a moment before bursting out in relieved laughter, sounding almost maniacal. He leans on Kevin and laughs for what seems like hours until finally he stops, clutching his stomach to wheeze out, “I thought… I had… a stalker.”

Kevin pushes Eli off of him and hits his chest, saying, “You’re so stupid!”

Eli starts to rummage in his bag, “Well since they’re not poisoned,” he pulls out a box of pepero, “How about a pepero kiss?”

Kevin pouts at him, offended that the boy didn’t realize it was him and ended up ruining his cute surprise. Eli taps him on the nose and says, in a silly voice, “Turn that frown upside down, Kevin!”

Kevin just glares at him this time but Eli is undeterred, choosing instead to kiss the other boy’s frown away. Unsurprisingly, it works and they end up with the members once again yelling and throwing things at them.

That night, Kevin goes to Eli’s apartment instead of his own. Eli takes out a box of pepero and plans to eat every single one kiss-style with Kevin. His plan eventually fails, and he ends up with crumbs and melted chocolate on his sheets, but he couldn’t complain.
Tags: drabbles, fandom: u-kiss, pairing: aj/hoon, pairing: aj/kevin, pairing: eli/kevin
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